Topsfield has approximately 60 miles of roadways. We are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of about 55 miles of those 60. In order to properly remove snow from our roads to provide better travel conditions, the town implements a parking ban anytime it snows. If you are unsure if there is a parking ban, use this rule of thumb, if it's snowing, you can't park on the street! The Town strictly enforces it's parking ban and in extreme cases, towing may need to be required. A reasonable effort will be made to make notification prior to towing.


The Highway Department has the responsibility of maintaining several essential services. A significant portion of the Department's overall efforts is directed towards maintaining the existing infrastructure throughout the year. None is more demanding than snow and ice removal during an extended period of high precipitation, low temperatures and heavy winds, which together characterize a true New England winter. Coordination between Highway Department and the Police Department is a critical element in successful snow and ice control. During working hours, inclement weather observations by Highway Department crews and or police may trigger the first response. During off duty hours, police officers may direct the police dispatcher to initiate the first response by contacting the Highway Superintendent. The Town does not have a policy of hauling snow after each and every storm. However, sometimes it is advisable to collect snow off certain streets, if necessary. Concentration is generally given to the streets located in the immediate downtown area where parking, traffic volume and speed, intersections, and parking lots require attention. Intersections and turn around areas elsewhere in town will be done on an as needed basis. Hauled snow will be dumped at the snow dump or at suitable and acceptable locations as determined by the Board of Road Commissioners. This particular type of snow removal is very expensive, but at times, very necessary for public safety.

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