It is often said that water meters are a utility's cash registers.  Meters provide a wealth of information which is used for billing purposes as well as determining the overall health of the distribution system.  Master meters at the water sources not only record the amount of water pumped into the disribution system but also pace the treatment chemical feed pumps to maintain a constant dose of treatment chemical.  Distribution meters measure how much water is consumed by each service connection which is used for billing purposes and for leak detection.

Meters are an important part of the water system and we are required by MassDEP to test the master meters annually and test or replace service meters once every ten years.  Information about our water meters will be posted to this section as it is developed.

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Hydrant Flushing Underway

Flushing is underway, click here to view the schedule.

Mandatory Water Ban Coming Soon...

mansignsoon Streamflow levels are dropping and a voluntary restriction will start on May 19th.  Mandatory restrictions will not be far behind, probably by June 1st if not sooner.

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