Snow & Ice

Coming into contact with a mailbox is a common obstacle that our operators face during storm activities.  These changes increase dramatically whenever considerable snow falls, especially heavy wet snow.  Most, if not all, mailboxes are within the Town's right-of-way.  Heavy snow as it is plowed will occasionally damage or topple mailboxes.  Often it is becuase they are too close to the roadway or were poorly constructed or supported. Heavy, wet snow exiting the plow increases the potential for mailbox damage.  The repair of mailboxes is the property owner's responsibility since the right-of-way extends further onto your property than you realize.  The Highway Department makes every effort to not damage property, but it does happen.  Mailboxes should be placed as far back from the edge of the road as possible.

Topsfield has approximately 60 miles of roadways. We are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of about 55 miles of those 60. In order to properly remove snow from our roads to provide better travel conditions, the town implements a parking ban anytime it snows. If you are unsure if there is a parking ban, use this rule of thumb, if it's snowing, you can't park on the street! The Town strictly enforces it's parking ban and in extreme cases, towing may need to be required. A reasonable effort will be made to make notification prior to towing.

Town equipment will not clear private driveways entrances unless except in extenuating circumstances. Snow placed in driveways or private walks by the Town when performing routine snow removal is the responsibility of the property owner to remove. The Town will generally clear a certain predetermined number of sidewalks as soon after it stops snowing as possible, however this can take up to 2 days after a storm to complete.

As a reminder: Town bylaw states that it is unlawful to:

"plow, push or otherwise relocate snow onto any town street or sidewalk".

 There are fines for violation of this bylaw. It may seem strict or unnecessary to some; however, it saves your tax dollars and improves public safety at the same time.

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