The Highway Department currently has 1 Foreman, 2 heavy equipment operators, 1 mechanic, and 1 truck driver who are all involved in snow operations with the Town. We also use as many other Town Department employees as possible. Plowing operation activities also include the hiring of approximately 10 pieces of equipment from outside contractors. At a minimum there will be at least 10 pieces of equipment out on the road, but generally up to 20 pieces is not uncommon. Other town department personnel will assist in snow activities such as wing operators or equipment operators during plowing operations.

Mandatory Water Ban Coming Soon...

mansignsoon Streamflow levels are dropping and a voluntary restriction will start on May 19th.  Mandatory restrictions will not be far behind, probably by June 1st if not sooner.

Want to receive PFAS results?

PFAS results are avaialble on our water testing website - https://www.topsfieldpublicworksorg/apps/watertesting/ but you can follow us on Twitter (@TopsfieldWater) or subscribe to our email list if you would like to receive regular updates.

Pay your water bill online

81009 83017 0Please visit the Unibank site to pay your water or tax bills online.


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Highway Department

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978.887.1543 (Fax)

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 AM to 3 PM