Raw water transmission mains will be installed along North Street (Boardman Lane to Ipswich Road), Ipswich Road (North Street to Averill Street), Averill Street, Perkins Row (Stone Bridge to Meetinghouse Lane), Meetinghouse Lane and Howlett Street (Meetinghouse Lane to Route 1) as part of the water treatment plant project.

October 25th Update: The crew has completed the installation of pipe in most of the roads.  The only remaining installation work involves directional drilling and is at least a week away at this point.  Driling will be done on Route 1 near Averill Street, on Perkins Row near the Perkins Row Station and on Howlett Street between Meetinghouse Lane and Route 1.

October 23rd Update: The crew will insall a finished water connection on Howlett Street today.  Howlett Street (Route 1 to Meetinghouse) will be closed to through traffic this morning.

The Town appropriated $10.4 million on June 20, 2017 for the construction of a water treatment plant and associated piping.  Progress updates will be posted on a regular basis.

October 2017: The basement floor slab was completed on the 6th.  Work continues on forming the basement walls. The first wall section was poured on the 13th. A second section was poured on the 19th.

September 2017: Excavation of the foundation is complete.  Geotextile fabric and stone have been placed and placing of rebar is underway.  First concrete of many pours was done on the 25th.

August 2017: Contracts for the construction of the plant were executed.  A pre-construction meeting was held on August 3rd and work is set to begin August 21st.  Site work began on August 21st beginning with clearing the trees and brush.  The loam was stripped and the foundation excavation was well underway by the end of August.

July 2017: The Board of Selectmen awarded the contract for the construction of the plant to Kinsmen Corp. of Hocksett, NH.  A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for early August and work is expected to commence soon afterwards.  The award of the contract for the installation of transmission mains is being delayed so a bid protest can be settled.

June 21st Update: Town Meeting approved the funding request.  Construction is expected to begin in August 2017.


The Board of Selectmen has scheduled a Special Town Meeting for June 20th so the Town can consider funding the water treatment plant project. Bids were opened on May 31st. Based on the bid results the construction funding request will be for $10.4 million. Funding will be sourced from multiple areas including $800,000 from Water Department retained earnings, $350,000 from existing Water Department warrant articles, and a $9.25 million borrowing authorization. This funding is independent of the tax rate and will be covered water rates and fees.

The Town approved funding for the design of a water treatment facility to remove manganese from the source water.  The Town has hired Woodard & Curran as the Owner's Project Manager and Wright-Pierce as the designer.  Design work is nearly complete and we expect to go out to bid for the construction of the plant soon but not in time for the May 2017 Town Meeting.

June 2017: The bid review was completed and preparations for the June 20th Special Town Meeting are underway.  The funding request for the treatment plant project will be $10.4 million based on the bid results.  Information about the request can be found in this article.  The request was approved and construction is expected to begin in August.

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Manganese Advisory

The Water Department issued a manganese advisory on November 1, 2013.  Monthly test results are available our water quality site.

The Perkins Row well exceeded MassDEP's limit of 0.3 milligrams per Liter during the summer of 2016.  Both water sources are now below State manganese limit.  The advisory will remain in place until the treatment plant is built and in operation.

Water Treatment Plant Information

A Special Town Meeting held on June 20, 2017 approved $10.4 million for the construction of a water treatment facility.  We expect construction to begin during the summer of 2017 and for the plant to open in the fall of 2018.

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