The Town appropriated $10.4 million on June 20, 2017 for the construction of a water treatment plant and associated piping.  Substaintial completion of the project is expected in January 2019 which will be followed by several weeks of testing.  We're planning on using the plant to produce water by the end of February 2019.  Progress updates will be posted on a regular basis.

March Update: The plant is now fully operational and has been treating all of the Town's water since March 6th.  It will take several cycles of hydrant flushing to clear out the sediment in the water mains but manganese is no longer being pumped into the distribution system.


February Update: MassDEP has conducted their final inspection and granted permission to start using the plant.  Following several weeks of performance testing, the plant will become operational on February 25th.  Initially it will produce about half of the Town’s daily water use until our other source is connected to the plant.  We expect the plant to be fully operational during the first week of March.

January Update: The plant treatment process is operation and undergoing performance testing using the Perkins Row source.  Manganese is being removed at expected rates and initial water quality testing appears to be very good.  Most of the electrical work is complete and vendors are finishing the installation of the HVAC system.

November Update: Work continues on the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and process systems.  

September Update: A great deal of progress was made over the summer.  The booster pumpstation and aeration tower were delivered.  MOst major components of the plant are now in place including all main pumps, chemical injection panels, chemical feed control panel, filter control panel, main SCADA panel, variable frequency drives, and storage and day tanks.  The ceiling was installed along with portions of the fire suppression, plumbing and HVAC systems.  The electrician is running conduit for the electrical and control systems.  The roof was installed and the masonry veneer is already half completed.  Concrete finish work was completed in below grade tanks.  Ladders were installed in the tanks and the floating decanter systems were installed in the backwash/recycling tanks.

June Update: The process waste tank was installed along with some of the suction piping in the pipe gallery.  The interior concrete block filler was applied.  The basement stairs were installed.  The exterior block and plywood were water-proofed.  The plant was connected to the 12" raw water main.  The footings and frost walls for the aeration tower were installed along with the piping for the tower.

May Update: The structural masonry block is complete as well as the elevated slab over the chemical and electrical rooms.  The contractor is expecting to complete the roof work this month. 

February 2018 Update: The ground floor was poured and work on curbing around the basement tank inlets began.

January 2018 Update: A tent was built over the foundation and a heater installed.  Work on the first floor deck began by placing the lower rebar mat and conduits.

December 2017: The internal water tanks were leak tested and the foundation backfilled.  The finished water and fire suppression water mains were installed along the driveway.  Staging and form work for the 1st floor deck were installed.

November 2017: The foundation walls were completed and all interior tanks were leak tested.  Backfilling of the foundation started along the southern side of the building.  The foundation of the booster pump station was constructed and backfilled.

October 2017: The basement floor slab was completed on the 6th.  Work continues on forming the basement walls. The first wall section was poured on the 13th. A second section was poured on the 19th.

September 2017: Excavation of the foundation is complete.  Geotextile fabric and stone have been placed and placing of rebar is underway.  First concrete of many pours was done on the 25th.

August 2017: Contracts for the construction of the plant were executed.  A pre-construction meeting was held on August 3rd and work is set to begin August 21st.  Site work began on August 21st beginning with clearing the trees and brush.  The loam was stripped and the foundation excavation was well underway by the end of August.

July 2017: The Board of Selectmen awarded the contract for the construction of the plant to Kinsmen Corp. of Hocksett, NH.  A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for early August and work is expected to commence soon afterwards.  The award of the contract for the installation of transmission mains is being delayed so a bid protest can be settled.

Water Treatment Plant Information

The project is nearly complete and the plant is fully operational.  All that remains are punch list items such as loaming and seeding.  The plant started full operations on March 6, 2019.

Spring Hydrant Flushing

Flushing is scheduled to start on April 8th.  Click here to view the schedule.

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